Getting Down To Building

Getting Down To Building - 11 Trigalana Place

Project planning is an on-going and continuous process before and during the construction phase of a renovation.

I have allowed for contingencies in my budget for the unforeseen – what if we discover a huge boulder while digging into the ground or the entire roof suddenly crumbles during demolition. Depending on the nature and size of the project, I have previously provided a 10% contingency on construction costs for new builds.

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The Line Is Drawn



It seems like ages since sale contracts were exchanged on the 4 June 2015 for this property.

A contingency clause in the sale contract is incumbent upon the seller obtaining probate from the trustee for a deceased estate before settlement can occur. After a prolonged delay, we finally settled on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 for a contract that normally takes 42 days to do so.

I went straight into project planning mode after contracts were exchanged in June 2015, engaging my building designer to formalize and submit a DA for the renovation and addition.

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Creating something special

Creating something special, 11 trigalana place

I am not an interior designer and don’t pretend to be one.

I am an accountant and accountants are generally known to be boring, number-crunching nerds devoid of good aesthetics and creativity, except perhaps, for creative accounting. But I do believe there exist in each of us, however large or small, a sense of appreciation for goodness and beauty that defines who we are. Aesthetically, I find darker colours like charcoal, grey and black exude its mystique when combined with natural textures such as wood and timber motifs.

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